How to create an AirTime?

Discover how to create an AirTime and invite users to join it.


AirTime enables you to launch audio/video calls with screen sharing directly from Wimi. 

Start an AirTime from Wimi homepage

To start an AirTime, click on the Camera icon (located in the toolbar on the left). 

Inviting members of your Wimi

  • Click on + invite participants to invite internal collaborators to join your conference. 

Connected collaborators (green dot) will receive an invitation (pop-in) via Wimi. They may click on Accept to join the conference or Refuse to cancel the invitation. 

NB: give your browser permission to use your camera and microphone in order to communicate (if proposed as an option). 

Inviting external guests 

You can invite collaborators from outside your company to join the conference

  • Click on the Envelope icon. 
  • Your email software opens with a predefined message (editable) containing the link of the conference. 
  • Add email adresses of your external collaborators and send

Your external collaborators will only have to click the link to join your conference. 

Start an AirTime from a chat conversation

Open the chat and click on the conversation of your choice. 

  • Move your mouse over one of your collaborator's message
  • Click on Airtime Call link (to the right of your collaborator's name).  

Your collaborator will receive an invitation (pop-in) on Wimi and he will have to accept it to join the conference.