How to create / modify a tag?

Find out how to create or modify a tag and use it on different elements within Wimi.


How to create a Tag?

  • Click on the gear of the Wimi Preferences then click on Tags.
  • Click on + Add tags.
  • Enter the list of Tag names of your choice (press the Enter key to validate a tag and type the following Tags).
  • Click on + Create to validate the creation of Tags.

How to modify, color, delete your Tags?

  • Click on the Options of the relevant Tag (the 3 vertical dots).
  • Click on the desired option: Rename, Color or Delete Tag.


How to import Tags?

  • Click on Import and select the CSV file from your computer.
  • Click on Choose / Open to validate the selection of this file.
  • Click Import to start importing Tags.

    An info bubble tells you how many tags have been successfully imported.

NB: The name of the 1st cell of your CSV file must have the name: tag_label so that your listed tags are taken into account during the import.


How to find a specific Tag?

  • Click in the Filter field.
  • Enter the Tag you are looking for.

How to merge tags?

Merging multiple tags into one tag

  • Check the tags you want to merge (column to the left of the Label).
  • Enter a new Tag name.
  • Click Merge.

How to merge a tag with another tag ? 

  • Click on the options (...) of a Tag and click on Merge.
  • Give the Tag a name.

  The previously selected Tag will be merged into the newly named Tag.


How to add tags to a file, a task, a web link, a group of users?

How do I add tags to a file?

  • Click on the Documents module of a workspace.
  • Click Details in Document Options (...).
  • Go down to the Tags section (visible on the right in the details panel).
  • Enter the tag(s) to associate with the document.
  • Press the "Enter" key to confirm.

NB: If you want to add several tags, separate them with commas "," or press the Enter key.

How do I add tags to a task?

  • Click the Tasks module of a workspace.
  • Click on the Task for which you want to add one or more Tags.
  • Go down to the Tags section (details panel on the right).
  • Enter your Tags.
  • Press the Enter key to confirm.

How do I add tags to a user and user groups?

  • Click on the gear of Preferences of Wimi then on User.

  • Click on the user concerned by the addition of the tag(s).

  • Go down to the Tags section (details panel on the right).

  • Enter the Tag(s) for the user.

  • Press the Enter key to confirm.