How to create and modify a tag family?

Discover the importance of a tag family and how to create one.


Tag families allow you to group multiple tags. They are generally used to restrict the use of tags on a workspace and to prevent users from having access to all the tags on your Wimi.

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Creation of a tag family

To create a family of tags, hover your mouse over the cog wheel at the top left of the interface then click on Tags.

  • Click on Tag family.
  • Click + Create.

Name your family and click + Create.

Adding tags to a tag family

To add tags to a tag family:

  • Check the tags you want to add.
  • Click Tag Family.
  • Click on + at the level of the family in which you want to add the tags.

Click on Close.

Deleting a tag family

To delete a tag family:

  • Click on Tag family
  • Click the cross next to the tag family you want to remove.

NB: this action does not delete the tags present in the family.

Using a tag family in a workspace

To limit the use of tags to a family in a space, go to the options of the space in question.

  • Click on the pencil next to the tags.
  • Select the tag family of your choice.