How to create or modify a workspace?

Learn how to create or modify a workspace.

How to create a workspace?


To create a workspace, click + Create new workspace.

  • Define a name for your space.
  • Select or create a category.
  • Enter a description.

Click Add to create your workspace.

How to modify an existing workspace?


Once your workspace is created, you can make changes:

  • Adding an image to illustrate the space.
  • Renaming your space.
  • Modification of the category.
  • Addition of one or more tags.
  • Definition of an end date.
  • Activation / Deactivation of the modules present on the space and selection of the module displayed by default.All changes are saved automatically.

How to change the category of a workspace?


To change the category of a workspace, click on the Options (...) of the workspace.

  • Click on Edit.
  • Click on the fields of the current category (details panel),
  • Select the category of your choice.

How to change the name of the category of a workspace?


To change the category name of a workspace, drag your mouse to the end of the category name and click Edit.

  • Enter the new category name
  • Click Rename to validate.

How to rename a workspace?


To rename your workspace, click Options (...) in the workspace.

  • Click on Edit.
  • Enter the new name for the workspace (details panel on the right).
  • Press the "enter" key to save the modification.