How do I create a workspace template?

Learn how to create a workspace template.

If some of your projects or activities are repeated frequently and / or have the same structure, we advise you to create a workspace model in order to save time.

How to create your workspace template?


Go to the summary of your workspaces.

  • Click on Create new workspace.
  • Name it and choose its category from the list (or create it if necessary).
  • Add a description to your workspace.
  • Click on Add to validate the creation of this space.

Enrich your workspace model with your content



In the example above, the workspace model is enriched with the following elements:

  • 7 folders containing files in the Documents module.
  • 6 task lists containing different tasks in the Tasks module.
  • 1 user.

Your "model" workspace is ready to be used for your future projects.

How to create a workspace from an existing model?



Click on + Create new workspace or click on the Options (...) of the workspace on which you wish to rely and choose Duplicate.

  • Name this new workspace and choose its category.
  • Add a description for this workspace.
  • Choose the existing workspace to duplicate.
  • Check / uncheck the 2 options, to recover or not the folders, files, task lists and associated tasks.
  • Click on Add to validate your action.

How do I create a workspace from a library template?

The principle of creation remains the same as above.

  • In the "Created from ..." section, check a template.
  • Click on "Choose a template".
  • Select a model from the library.

Click on "Use this template" to create your workspace.