How to launch AirTime, Chat or Wimi Online from your Wimi Drive (MacOS or Windows)?

Find out how to launch AirTime, Chat or Wimi Online from your Wimi Drive (MacOS or Windows).

Open AirTime, Chat, Wimi online with Wimi Drive on macOS and Windows

    To open AirTime, Chat and your Wimi online, the procedure is identical whether you are on macOS or Windows. It is described after the video of the Windows version.

    Open AirTime, Chat and your Wimi online from Wimi Drive 

    • Click the black cloud icon in the menu bar of your Mac, or click the white cloud icon in the
    • Windows task bar.
    • Click on the name or image of the Wimi Drive account of your choice.
    • Click on the Planet icon, your Internet browser will open the URL of your Wimi online.
    • In the blue vertical menu of Wimi in the left margin:
    • Click the Chat or AirTime icon.

    NB: For reasons of performance and multimedia compatibility, especially during your audio / video conferences and screen sharing with AirTime, we strongly recommend that you use the Google Chrome browser.

    In any case, be sure to check that you are using the latest version of your browser.

    To check if your Chrome browser is up to date, follow this procedure:

    • Launch Google Chrome
    • Click on the 3 vertical points located on the same line as the URL bar (to the right of the browser).
    • Click Settings, then click About Chrome.
    • Chrome will automatically start a search. If an update exists, install it.
    • Relaunch Chrome to finalize the update.