How do I manage the notifications I receive on Wimi?

Find out how to manage the notifications you receive on Wimi.

  • Drag your mouse over the touchpad in Wimi’s preferences and click on My Account
  • Click My notifications by email
  • Define for each workspace the notification status you want.


Click successively on the icon to change its status


Settings for documents

  • Choose whether to receive notifications for all workspaces or for each workspace.
  • Click on the reception frequency of your choice (Never, every 10 minutes, every hour, every 2 hours, send at 8am, 12pm and at 5pm, once a day at 5pm)

Assign a default setting for all workspaces

  • Click on the icon associated with the module to change the notification status.
  • The change in status will be applied to all workspaces.

Assigning a specific setting to a workspace

NB: Specific settings have priority over default settings.

  • Click on icon of the workspace module of your choice to change the notification status.