How to personalize my Wimi?

Learn how to customize the interface of your Wimi.

Go to preferences (pictogram at the top left of your screen). Click on Settings then Personalization.

Add your organization logo


To add your company logo, click in the dotted area and select the image of your choice.


To change the image, click on the pencil and choose your image. To delete it, click on the trash.

Choosing a dominant color for your Wimi


Just click on the color of your choice.

Modification of the invitation email


You can customize the text that will be sent to the people you invite on Wimi or restore the text proposed by default.

Adding a background photo to your login page

To make your Wimi login page more attractive, you can add a background image.

We recommend a size of 1920 x 1080 pixels for optimal rendering.



Adding a presentation text for your guests

You can add a presentation text highlighting your organization when connecting your users. This text will be added to the Wimi login page.