How to recover my password on Wimi?

Discover how to recover a forgotten password on Wimi.

Here is the procedure to follow if you do not remember your password once you arrive on the login interface.

  • Click on "Forgot password".
  • Enter your e-mail and validate, to receive a new password.
  • Read the procedure in the email to reset your password.




Example of the email that will be sent to you.


NB: Once connected to Wimi, you will be able to modify and personalize your password.

How to find the name of your Wimi?

Go to Wimi to obtain the account (s) linked to your email address.

  • Click on Connection in the navigation menu on the far right.
  • Click on the forgotten WIMI link? Forgot your password ?.
  • Enter the email address of your Wimi account and click Send.

An email containing the list of Wimi corresponding to your email will be sent to you.



How to reset passwords for your forgotten Wimi accounts?

  • Follow the steps in the previous article How to find the name of your Wimi ?.
  • Click on the Forgotten password link for the affected workspace contained in the email.
  • Redefine a new password to access your workspace.


You have returned to your, your Wimi workspaces...