How to transfer an e-mail in the documents module?

Find out how to transfer an email in the documents module.

To transfer emails in the document module, go to the Documents module of a workspace.

  • Click on Email in the drop-down menu represented by the down arrow to the right of the "Import files" field.
  • The Email address displayed is that of the Documents module receiving your shipment.
  • Use the email address displayed in the dialog box to forward your emails.
  • Click on Send by email, your email software opens by creating a new message.
  • Add the attachments you want and indicate the subject of your email and send it.

Depending on your account settings: Wimi preferences> settings> email recovery. Check the option you want.

  • Full email: to retrieve the entire email with its attachments.
  • Attachments only: to retrieve all attachments from the email.

NB: for security reasons, the sending email address must be the email address of a participant in the workspace.

Transfer a complete email to the Documents module of a workspace

Check the full email box to recover the full email with its attachments (Preferences of your Wimi> settings> email recovery> Full email).



Forward only email attachments to the Documents module of a workspace

Check the Only the attachment box to retrieve only all the attachments of the email sent (Preferences of your Wimi account> settings> email recovery> Only the attachment).



The email attachments are all retrieved and sent to the Documents module of the workspace (at the root).