PRESENTATION : what is Chat / Channel?

Discover the differences between chat and channel and their usefulness within Wimi.

Presentation: what is Chat / Channel?


Communication is one of the keys to teamwork. In addition to AirTime, Wimi makes it possible to start discussions of all kinds (private, group, relating to a project, etc.).

What is the difference between Chat and Channel?

Chat centralizes all your discussions: channel, users, group chat and comments.

The Channel is the discussion module relating to a workspace. Each workspace has one.

How to access the Chat?

  • Click on the Chat Bubble icon (the chat opens in a new window).
  • Choose the channel of your choice among: Channel, Users, Group Chat.

NB: you can reply to Comments only if a user has already posted one in tasks, on a file or folder.

How to access a Channel?

  • Go to the workspace of your choice.
  • Click on the pictogram #.