How do I add a user to a workspace?

Learn how to invite a user to your workspace.

There are two ways to add a user to your workspace:

  • Adding a user from the summary page "My Workspaces".
  • Adding a user from the Users section of the account (reserved for administrators). 

How do I add a user from a workspace?

Case n°1: the user is present on your Wimi

Click on the Options (...) of the workspace for which you want to add a user.

  • Click on + Add a participant.
  • Select the user of your choice.
  • Click Add to confirm its addition to the workspace.

Case n°2: the user is not present on your Wimi


The access rights of your users on the modules of the workspaces

There are 3 levels of access in Wimi, symbolized by 3 colors.

  • Red for access denied.
  • Orange for authorized read-only access.
  • Green for authorized read and write access.

Access rights for modules in a workspace


How to modify the access rights of a user on a workspace?



Click in the Options (...) of a workspace, then click Edit rights.

  • Click on the icon of a module to modify the rights of all users or,
  • Click on the color pictogram to modify the rights per user.

How do I add a user from the Users section of the account? (for administrators only)

Go to Wimi Preferences and click on Users.

  • Click on the user name to add to display the details panel on the right.
  • Click on the key pictogram and check the See all workspaces box.
  • Click + Add to add the user to the workspace.
  • Define its access rights on the modules, by clicking on the pictograms.