How to create a community?

Discover how to create a community and the different settings possible.


    How to create a community?

    • Select “+ Create a community” (beneath the “Archived” section)
    • Enter the name of your community.
    • Choose the type of community: company-wide, public or private.
    • Define the publication rights: only admins, admins and moderators or everyone.
    • Select Add.

    Once you’ve created your community, you can:

    • Click on the “photo” icons to add a profile picture and a cover photo.
    • Click on “Add a description” to describe the interest of your community.
    • Click on “Add members” to invite new members.

    All that’s left to do now is to create your first publication.

    How do I change the community type and publication rights?

    Go to the community in which you are administrator.

    • Click on the three dots (bottom right of the cover photo).
    • Click “Edit”.
    • Adjust the type and publication rights to suit your needs.

    What are the different types of Communities?

    The different types of communities are:

    • Company-wide: all users of your Wimi account (except guests), are added automatically at the time of creation.
    • Public: any user can join and leave this type of community.
    • Private: only users added manually will be in this community. This community won’t be listed in the “Explore”