How to delete a file on Wimi?

Learn how to permanently delete a file and set up a routine that automatically deletes files from your trash.


Permanently delete a file

Go to the document module of your workspace.

To delete a file:

  • click on the 3 points,
  • click Delete.

At this point, the file is in your trash and can be restored if you accidentally deleted it. To permanently delete it:

  • click on Trash,
  • select the file in question,
  • click Delete.

NB: it is possible to select and delete / restore several files at the same time.

Automatic deletion of trash files

In order to save storage space on your Wimi account, you have the option of triggering an automatic routine which deletes files placed in the trash for more than 90 days.

Go to the Settings of your Wimi account then check the box "Delete files put in trash for more than 90 days".